On the 3rd of October I planned to visit a different library which was close to my house, but when I went there it was closed. So I took my e-bike and rode to the old Connemara Library which I have been to before.

After I went inside there I saw some of the book sections were closed due to renovation work. I went to the 1st floor in which they kept all types of newspapers in Tamil, English, Hindi etc. I looked at the English language newspapers and I selected the Times of India and The Hindu. I read both of the two newspapers fully and what I felt after reading the two papers is that in the Times of India they use advanced and more difficult English words compared to The Hindu newspaper. In The Hindu newspaper I was able to understand the words easily but to improve my English skills I think I have to read the Times of India to gain the knowledge of new words. After reading the newspapers I went to the second floor to find some English books to read. When I entered the second floor rooms I saw many books which are kept in the book racks, I didn’t know which book would be interesting to read .I selected one big book which contained short stories inside, I started to read some of the pages but I was unable to comprehend what the story was.

So I went to the Tamil section and I read a Tamil story for 30 minutes which was very amusing and easy to understand, after that I went home. Next time I planned to take a different English story book and sit outside the library to read it, because I saw many people sitting and studying books peacefully in the library garden.

Roshan Susairaj (Cuomo Foundation Scholarship Holder)